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Hi I'm Ashley 

I like meeting new people & 

providing a fun experience for

our hosts. I like cars I and run a

dealership service department.

MOTTO: It is what it is. 

- Bartending 5 years, in the

 service industry my whole life 

- Accomplishment: moving to

 IL & creating a life on my own 

Genna here, the thing i love most about working with Traveling Tavern is the personal atmosphere. As a single mom it’s important I spend time with my 3 kids & provide the best life for my little family. - Bartending: for a year now

- Accomplishments: Managing my work life balance.

I am Kara

I enjoy connecting with guests & celebrating life with the people they love. About me? I watch too many movies

MOTTO: Live your life and do not focus on what could have been or what should've been. 

- Bartending about 1 1/2, service industry about 10 years. 

- Accomplishment.... TBD

Natalia here!

I love seeing people having a good time & enjoying a great experience. I have lived in 3 countries!

MOTTO: Don't worry, be happy 

- Bartending for 10 years 

- Accomplishment is having my son & starting my

own business in hair. 

Hey I am Neal. My favorite thing about bartending is seeing people gradually enjoy the party as the event unfolds. I also like to sing.

MOTTO: Keep moving forward, because the moment you stop it becomes that much harder to get that momentum back.

- Bartending for 3 Years

- Accomplishment: Serving in  the U.S. Army in Afghanistan 2010-2011

I am Marta, my favorite thing is that i get to always be in a new environment meeting new people. A unique thing about me is that I am a  certified medical laser technician 

MOTTO: Success is my only option 

- Bartending 3 years 

- Accomplishment: becoming a medical laser instructor & paying my way through clinical work bybartending and serving 7 days a week 

Owner & Founder Tina Embry

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